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8790 Ralston Road, Arvada 80002

Functional Medicine Consultation & Wellness Clinic

Dr. Angie Martinez is featured in a new documentary! Sacred Science Documentary on Functional Medicine

Expect from Dr. Martinez and her health care team:

…a different experience.  We are providing personalized care.

…a different relationship.  We strive for complete partnership with you and your health supporters.

…a different approach to ill-health.  We look for the root-cause of ill health and support root-health.

…a different attitude.  You certainly can start all over, repair, regenerate, find balance and heal yourself.

…a different vision.  You can use functional medicine health data, genetics, lifestyle medicine, herbs, vitamins, molecular hydrogen and more to optimize your health and work toward a VIBRANT LIFE – full of ENERGY and VITALITY!

You deserve Different because you are unique and different!

Root-Cause Medicine