“And suddenly you just know...It is time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.”

After trying numerous Doctors to try and heal my complex insomnia, none measure up to the care, expertise, and attentiveness I get from Dr. Angie. She is truly passionate about her work and very clearly cares about the well being of her patients. I am constantly pushing friends and family to see her because of my confidence in her ability to transform people’s health. On top of it all her prices are extremely competitive, I can’t recommend her enough!

Dr. Angie is a doctor who uses her own successful experience with functional medicine as the underpinning for her practice. In so doing, she provides the best of two worlds: she understands the workings of the narrowly-focused conventional-medicine world, and she uses that science-based knowledge as the foundation for a holistic functional-medicine approach to your individual challenges. It's never one-size-fits all, and I so appreciate her willingness to think outside the box. She is generous with her time and her expertise, and it's a true partnership!

“My first visit with Dr. Martinez was the most enlightening experience I’ve ever had with a doctor. I have taken ADHD medications for +15 years. She is the first doctor to ever explain the drawbacks of these meds, and provide natural alternatives to mitigate the short and long term effects and better manage my ADHD. She gave explicit, clear directions for diet, activity, and lifestyle changes, and suggested helpful nutritional supplements. 3 months later, my focus is better AND I’m losing weight.”

I love that she answers her phone! Her generous and authentic approach has given me more awareness and confidence that together we will find the ROOT CAUSE! The utilization of her expansive Functional Medicine science-based knowledge and years as a Medical Doctor, a personalized whole-foods eating plan, selective high-grade supplementation as needed, and an arsenal of optional testing, is an immeasurable design for my wellness.