Our Approach

An unconventional journey coming full circle.

About Dr. Martinez

I am an unconventional medical doctor.

I am a board-certified conventional family doctor and a board-certified functional medical doctor.

I am a Colorado Native from the San Luis Valley.   My foundation of medical knowledge was influenced by my late Grandma Irene who would pick wild medicinal herbs to help with our illnesses. She was my healer.  I didn’t have access to traditional medicine until my 20’s.  I received my required childhood vaccinations by visiting a school nurse.  I learned in those years that our body has an innate ability to heal without modern medicine. 

With this foundational knowledge, I continued my mission to be a medical healer and graduated from Colorado State University with Premed studies and continued my loyalty to Colorado by attending The University of Colorado Medical School.  I wrapped up my enduring traditional medical training at Rose Family Medicine Residency.  I learned in the conventional world that there are sophisticated technologies and knowledge along with pharmaceutical advancements that can help support illness and disease.

I would spend the next 15 years working between Denver Health and Kaiser Permanente as a conventional family doctor.  This was an amazing journey with great learning experiences and growing frustrations with the challenges of the conventional medical system.  Conventional medical knowledge isn’t adequate in addressing our modern 21st century chronic illnesses.  It’s costly sophisticated knowledge and medications do not heal or allow the body to heal itself.  I started feeling uneasy and incomplete in this practice.

I found myself longing to go back to my “Roots” and my foundation…

I started a new chapter in my journey with additional skills training with The Institute for Functional Medicine.  Like a gardener, Functional Medicine respects the root-health, the health of the soil and the environmental influences that affect health.   I am a gardener and Functional Medicine's paradigm of looking at the Root-Cause of symptoms, illnesses and system imbalances of chronic illness aligned with my values.  I felt grounded with the Functional medicine approach which looks at health optimization and balance which ultimately is the prevention of ill health.  I am learning that I can now practice with sophisticated scientific knowledge about body systems, medications, medicinal herbs and vitamins to support our bodies innate ability to heal and find balance. 

Our Story

Do you want to get back to your roots?  Do you need balance?