A hybrid heath consultative approach providing the best of two health care worlds.

Functional Medicine Consultative Services provided

General information

I welcome children, adults, and seniors who need functional medicine consultative services.

My hybrid medical training and 15 years of care delivery provide a broad knowledge base, skill base and experience.

I balance your care plan with your conventional care with functional medicine knowledge and tools. I can collaborate with your conventional care provider to optimize your care plans.

I evaluate patient cases individually and do not place you in pre-determined protocols.

Conventional health insurance programs do not cover my functional consultative services. I do not participate with health insurance programs or bill health insurance for my services. I can provide paperwork to submit for an insurance claim. As a health care consumer, you are responsible for payment at the time of services.

I do not provide primary care services under health insurance programs like vaccinations, pap smears, mammograms or colon cancer screening.

Who is this type of care delivery for?

The patient who is looking for a different approach and ready to be challenged to change lifestyle factors contributing to health.

The person who has not found the missing link to health and in a “rut” with few answers or few improvements.


Services / Products

  • One-on-one functional consultative services providing personalized care plans and care packages.
  • Educational group visits and webinars providing to provide foundational health information along with the support of a group.
  • Virtual telehealth support for consultations
  • Specialized Energy & Metabolic Programs for:
    • Health optimization and longevity support
    • Fatigue or poor healing
    • Gut health and detoxification programs
    • Weight loss and cardiometabolic programs
    • Gtress resilience and burnout prevention
    • Gognitive and brain support and optimization
    • Hormone balance
    • Overall inflammation
    • Genetic counseling using general medical interpretations from 23&me or Ancestry DNA
    • Primary Functional Care support for Cancer
    • Bredesen’s Cognitive Program for Cognitive Decline
  • On-line FullScript pharmacy dispensary for supplements.  Access to quality grade supplements.
  • Functional Advanced Lab tests not provided by the conventional health care systems.
  • Discounted labs through Quest: Ulta program
  • Integrative HIPAA compliant Patient Portal

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