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The chasm of our medical evolution of health knowledge and practice.

“Functional Medicine determines HOW and WHY illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.”- The Institute for Functional Medicine

My medical education training through the Institute for Functional Medicine and Conventional Medical schools, share the same intense scientific critical thinking and curiosity. Both embrace the medical scientific advancements in medical literature as the foundation for practicing researched-based medicine. The priority of medical knowledge and application of this knowledge in patient care is where each paradigm diverges.

The Conventional physician will make a clinical diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan which commonly includes a prescription medication or a procedure. The medically trained Functional physician will look at the same diagnosis and support symptoms with complementary treatments and use prescriptions only if needed. A Functional medicine consultant will go further and ask, “Why is the patient experiencing this particular symptom?” “What is the root-cause leading to the course of symptoms experienced by the patient?” A functional provider will focus on “How can we change the course of these often, chronic symptoms?” In the conventional model I was limited by the complex insurance company rules and delivery systems. It is difficult to provide the functional root-cause care in these systems.

The Functional Medicine model focuses on a collaborative relationship based on a personalized and patient-centered approach that engages a partnership between the provider and the patient. This approach helps uncover layers of underlying root-causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. A functional physician will look at each patient’s unique genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors in order to leverage unique health data to create a personalized treatment plan that can improve patient health and potential for vitality and longevity.

With a different approach, a functional physician can look at root-causes that connect the myriad of symptoms a patient may experience and unveil the complexity and connectivity of our unique biological systems and the patterns of dysfunction. A functional physician can offer a different explanation of symptoms which can often lead to a different (untried) approach!


Different if the new norm

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